Saturday, 26 March 2011

Last Week;


The last week has been good, a couple of shoots & meetings, but mainly planning next weeks crazy week of shooting. I did photograph one of my favourite new bands this week - a short shoot in Kentish Town with Two Wounded Birds just before their gig. Check out their songs, I love 'Night Patrol' - great band;

Night Patrol by Two Wounded Birds

Also while I'm talking about music - OK, so I love Rumours era Fleetwood Mac, but check out this great cover of 'The Chain' by Florence & The Machine;

Hard song to cover well - its so well known, and that bass line!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Facebook & Twitter Links;

Hi - I've been asked about these before in emails sent to me, yes I do have a Facebook page. I do use it for those shorter, random updates that don't go on here. There is Twitter too which sometimes gets even shorter messages, but really what can you say in 140 characters :P

These are the links to my pages on those sites;

Michael Robert Williams Photography on Facebook.

Michael Robert Williams Photography on Twitter.

Plus my website;

Recent work updates will be coming soon.