Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Recent Stuff Update;

I've not posted for a little while but it's been a very full period. A number of shoots, including The Maccabees who I'm a fan of, plus meetings; new contacts and future work. Went to Kurran and the Wolfnotes gig in London, I shot them last year for a portrait shoot, and talked with Kurran after the gig - they are recording an album soon, so may do an 'In The Studio' shoot with them during the recording. Look out for them, a great new band.
Also went to my friend Roxanne de Bastion's single release party/gig. I shot the cover for the single (below).

Roxanne de Bastion 'Buckle Up'. 2011.
© Michael Robert Williams

Also took a little, much needed, break. Just a simple week in Spain, drinking lots of wine and eating too much. Note to self - must make time for a proper, long, holiday next year. Took my usual snaps while travelling - here's an almost postcard picture from Malaga... It's really not a sunset - I just really like shooting into the sun :P

Malaga, Spain, Nov 2011 © Michael Robert Williams

Things I heard or saw recently;
Loved the movie 'Drive'.
Loving Lana Del Rey's song 'Video Games'.
Ryan Adams new album 'Ashes & Fire'.
Watching 'Boardwalk Empire'.
Listening to lots of Prince :)