Saturday, 8 November 2008

Samit Patel Portraits.

Samit Patel, 2008 © Michael Robert Williams

Recent portraits of Nottinghamshire and England cricketer Samit Patel photographed recently at The Oval in London. I shot a mix of portraits but these are two of my favourites.
I've been working in Black & White again more recently. I used to shoot mostly B&W but over the last couple of years its been about 90% colour, but I love B&W photographs.

Samit Patel, 2008 © Michael Robert Williams

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

News, stuff...

I'm tired today, I stayed up all night watching the US election. Sitting drinking a lot of coffee and editing images from two recent shoots to help keep me awake, and watching as results came in from the many states. I wished I could have voted too. But the end result was good, the right man won.

I've been working on music shoots recently. Photographed Cage the Elephant, and Alberta Cross, and a couple of new London bands. I'll post images here when I can.
I can post some recent portraits later this week.

I need a holiday, I was hoping to do something late in the year but the economy means I'm watching what I spend. There are a few people I've been planning to visit but I will have to wait until next year I think.
Everyone is watching what they spend.
Its been a strange year in every way. Lots of change. I need time to think about my personal life too, I think about work a lot, but I need to think about my personal life more.
I think I have a lot on my mind.

But back to work...