Thursday, 26 February 2009

Recent Work; 'White Lies' and others...

White Lies, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams

These are two of the portraits from the recent shoot with the White Lies. The shoot went really well and I'm really happy with the results. I love the lighting on the first portrait.
Really enjoyed their album. Really nice guys to work with too.

White Lies, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams

Below is one of the portraits from the shoot with the Howling Bells. I've photographed the Howling Bells before, about two years ago, but I prefer the portraits I shot this time.
Last portrait is of brand new group Gold Teeth, whose single 'Everybody' is released this month.
Could be a great year for them.
It seems I'm having a colour & flash phase...

Howling Bells © Michael Robert Williams

Gold Teeth © Michael Robert Williams

Sunday, 22 February 2009

'You have got all that stuff out there...'

'Photography is so entwined in my life. It’s like anything else. You have got all that stuff out there and you only allow so much into your frame. It’s the same thing. Every word in the world is out there and somebody puts 15 of them together and makes something that somebody else wouldn’t make.
If 50 years of doing it meant that every time you picked up the camera you made a good one you wouldn’t have to take many. I make a lot of stupid pictures. Most of them are stupid because I’m trying to figure where to be or where to focus. I don’t think the problems are any different now. I grow wiser as time passes only because I know a little bit more about what is possible, only because I’ve done it for so long. I am used to being a craftsman. But maybe it’s not that. Maybe it’s infatuation.'
Lee Friedlander, 2002.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Cramps Founder Lux Interior Dies.

Lux Interior © Michael Robert Williams

I just found out the sad news that Lux Interior, singer and founding member of legendary punk group The Cramps, died this week.
I photographed Lux a few years ago, with his wife and co-founder of The Cramps Poison Ivy.
He was a fascinating person. Music has lost one of its real characters and pioneers.

'Rock ’n’ roll has absolutely nothing to do with music. It’s much more than music. Rock ’n’ roll is who you are.'
- Lux Interior. 1946 - 2009.