Thursday, 30 December 2010

News; December 2010 - Happy Holidays.

I hope everyone's having a great Christmas. I'm away for the holidays, spending most of the Christmas period with family in the North West. Already eaten far too much and drinking even more - every Christmas I think to myself I'll be more careful this time... Oh well, next year...
I'm having a longer break this Christmas, I had my last shoot of the year, a portrait of Carl Barat, mid-December then left London. I love the Christmas holidays, everything shuts down and I get real time off to see friends and family. I get to sleep in, and watch lots of films too. I don't even mind the repeated movies that are on every year - I'm a big film fan and a lot of films I like are usually on during the holidays, and I certainly don't mind Casablanca being on again - I'm a huge Bogart fan.

So I'm basically;
Drinking lots of red wine, vodka, and cocktails.
Listening to Laura Marling, Lissie, Gaslight Anthem, Fleetwood Mac, Arcade Fire... Hmmm noticing a kinda sound there.
Watching lots of movies, and
Californication (I love this show and had season one for Christmas so I'm watching it again). Oh, but I would like back the time I spent watching the awful Case 39, I don't often mention dislikes here but that was the worst film I've seen in ages and thought I'd warn others. There, good deed done!

I'm off to do more visiting & drinking :)
Have a great New Years celebration!