Monday, 25 May 2009

Recent Work: Speech Debelle

Speech Debelle, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams

Two of the portraits from my recent shoot with the brilliant Speech Debelle, shot on location in South London.

Speech Debelle, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams

Speech Debelle, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Little Diamonds

This year is vanishing far too quickly - how did it get to May already?!!?
My sister gets married in two weeks. I keep thinking its way off but its nearly here. I'll go back home for a week or so again.
Work-wise its been mainly music again recently.
There are a lot of really interesting new artists right now in the UK and I've been lucky enough to photograph a few of them over recent weeks. I've shot portraits of Little Boots, Marina & the Diamonds, A1 Bassline, and Speech Debelle. Marina's 'I Am Not A Robot' is brilliant! I've been listening to it a lot, it makes me smile :)
I also photographed the lovely DJ and presenter Annie Mac at Koko (maybe my favourite music venue in London).
One of my portraits of A1 Bassline is the only one of these recent portraits that I can post yet but more will come soon.

A1 Bassline, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams