Saturday, 31 October 2009

Recent Work; 'Wild Beasts' Shoot.

Wild Beasts, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams

These are a few portraits from a quick session with Wild Beasts recently. They were about to head off to do a live radio interview that came up so we shot fast in about 20 minutes outside in Hackney, East London.

Wild Beasts, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams

Its never ideal having to really rush a shoot but these came out OK. Not time to really experiment with more backgrounds but I do love the trees rising up behind them.
Great band - Their 'Two Dancers' is one of my albums of the year I think.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Meetings & Watching Movies.

Week of meetings. Some to meet new people, which is always good, and some to discuss upcoming work. But a meeting about a shoot still fees like a strange thing to have, talking about what to shoot & how - I'd prefer to just shoot. If you like the work I make just let me make it.... A bit simplistic maybe but its often what ends up happening anyway even after the meeting.

Relaxing weekend after the long week.
Went to see '(500) Days Of Summer' & 'District 9' this week, both of which I enjoyed.