Sunday, 30 March 2008

Portishead, Paris.

Quick update for March...
I'm still not writing here as often as I'd like (or intended).
Must try harder.
I envy those who write everyday, how do they find the time? It would be nice to have a record of what I'd done, seen, etc, for me to read back over. Sadly my bad memory means I forget so much.
Anyway, just a quick update. I'll have more to post soon, including new photos. I've been busy during March with shoots and other things, but I think the most interesting for me was photographing Portishead. I've always loved their music and now they have their new album coming out soon. I went to Paris to photograph them last week and they didn't disappoint, they were really nice to work with and the new music sounds great.
The photographs were for a number of uses. Some of the portraits will be posted here when I can, but the first place some will appear is in Filter magazine in the U.S.

Also out soon is a Kasabian book which I shot the cover to (below).
More news and photographs very soon.

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