Sunday, 9 August 2009

Recent Work; Little Boots Portraits, Etc...

Little Boots, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams

These are six of the portraits from my session with Little Boots recently. They have been added to the website portfolios too. The site was updated recently with some of the portraits from the last few months.
I'm very happy with the Little Boots portraits. I'm shooting more often like this now.
Its funny, when I first started out I was mainly just using natural light, no styling, shooting Black & White, and often just me and the person being photographed were there. The work has gradually had more added, and evolved I guess. Now I still sometimes shoot very simply with natural light, etc, like with the Speech Debelle portraits, put up here recently, but more often the shoots are bigger productions, using controlled lighting, styling, assistants, and carefully selected locations.
There are things I enjoy in both approaches, it depends what I'm trying to achieve. During the past two weeks I've photographed the band Wild Beasts outside for a quick 30 minute session in natural light in Hackney. Also controlled flash-lit portraits of Brendan Benson at the hotel he was staying at in London, but then also photographed Pixie Lott inside with a crew including styling, and hair & make-up.
I like the variety, and I'm really enjoying my recent shoots. I'll post more new portraits here very soon.


Little Boots, 2009 © Michael Robert Williams


belinda said...

I love the picture's from little boots!
good work together!
greetz from belgie :-)

Michael Robert Williams said...

Thank you for the comment Belinda, happy you like the work.