Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Recent Shoots (& Laugh Tracks);

2010 got off to a busy start. There have been shoots with Biffy Clyro, Kate Nash, Delphic, Two Door Cinema Club, and others already. Went to Delphic's gig after the shoot too, really enjoyed it.
Wish it wasn't so cold here however, the UK started 2010 with a big freeze. OK for most shoots as they've been mainly inside, but photographed Biffy Clyro in the rooftop outside bar of the Soho hotel they were staying in. 7pm on a rooftop high above Soho, a freezing January night - one of those times where you shoot fast then go for a drink :P

There're a lot of films out now I want to see but not found the time yet. Did see 'Up In The Air' which I thought was good.

Actually, on the subject of movies I love this clip of 'The Shining' with a laugh track, I may never be able to watch the film in the same way again :)

Found via Dev Hynes's film blog.


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