Thursday, 5 February 2009

Cramps Founder Lux Interior Dies.

Lux Interior © Michael Robert Williams

I just found out the sad news that Lux Interior, singer and founding member of legendary punk group The Cramps, died this week.
I photographed Lux a few years ago, with his wife and co-founder of The Cramps Poison Ivy.
He was a fascinating person. Music has lost one of its real characters and pioneers.

'Rock ’n’ roll has absolutely nothing to do with music. It’s much more than music. Rock ’n’ roll is who you are.'
- Lux Interior. 1946 - 2009.


Stiggy said...

Shame to hear about Lux - a legend!

Strange, I've been looking at your website, brilliant work!

Stoke must be a big place - my wife comes from Biddulph - just round the corner from your roots.

I wanted to ask you about copyright on photographs on blogs - I see you don't use a watermark - does the c/r note below the photos suffice?

Can't wait to read more!


Michael Robert Williams said...

Thank you.
I'm happy you like the work.

Yes, Biddulph is over the border in Staffordshire. But not too far away really.
I prefer Cheshire, but I'm biased :)

Re copyright;
Most photographers sites don't really use any form of visible marking, it spoils the images. The images are only in low res on my site & blog, so they could only be used online really. Any commercial user would usually contact me about usage. If anyone used them without permission my syndication agency deals with it :)


ghoul said...

I LOVE this photo of Lux!
Did you also take the photo of Lux and Ivy next to a sign post? They both look quite old, ghoulish and great!
Do you have any more at all?

Michael Robert Williams said...

Thanks. I did make a portrait of Lux and Ivy together, its on my website portfolio, in Gallery One I think.
I don't think others are in the archive.