Saturday, 20 June 2015

About a Portrait; Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson, of Suede, London.
This is another portrait which will be in the exhibition. I'd been a fan of Suede and had paid to go and see them in the 90's as a student, so it was really nice to be able to photograph them some years later myself. This was shot in 2003 in London. This portrait wasn't actually used at the time, the session was more about portraits of the whole group, but I'd always liked the photograph of Brett so decided to include it in the exhibition.
He was very easy to work with and didn't mind indulging me for a while to take some portraits of him alone after the group portraits were done.
I loved the light coming through the trees, the shapes it made on the wall caught my eye and I shot Brett in that light. It's a very simple portrait - natural light, moody, maybe pensive is a better word. People don't make portraits like this often anymore, I don't know why - it's hard to put your finger on but things change. I love this portrait, and hope you liked knowing a little more about it.

Brett Anderson © Michael Robert Williams


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