Wednesday, 21 November 2007

All about me (this post anyway)

I think I'll usually be writing about other photographers and other things
I've seen that interest me, but this ones all about me - I'll keep it brief.
I've spent the last couple of days sorting out some of the photographs I shot in the U.S. last week, starting with the portraits I shot in Boston of the American conductor, keyboard player, and musicologist Joshua Rifkin. I shot these on digital, I don't use digital much so post production on these is taking forever it seems. I shoot mostly on my favoured Mamiya RZ67 and film, but I'm starting to bring digital in as an option in my work, need to be ready for the times its requested. I do find the format strange to compose, its longer/wider than the 6x7.
I'll post a few of the portraits when I can after its published, but I don't think its out until early next year.

I can post this portrait though. This has just been published in the German BMW Magazine. I shot this portrait of Martin Stiksel, founder of, recently on the roof of his office. A few different portraits were shot, some more graphic, some simple, and the magazine liked and used this one for the interview.

I like BMW magazine, they use good layouts and use space, they give the photography room to breathe. I think I may spend too much time looking at magazines, I certainly spend too much money on them, but there are too many that I like, and I think I get just about every music magazine on a regular basis.
Well, enough about me, time to get back to work...

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