Wednesday, 28 November 2007


This week I saw 'Control', Anton Corbijn's first full film. Anton has directed many music video's over the last 20 years but this was his first feature length film. Anton is of course better known as a photographer, one of the few real legends, and he's photographed everyone over the last 30 years. But for me it was more personal, Anton was one of the photographers that really influenced me when I was starting. He was also the first person I contacted to meet when I first moved to London. I met him at his home and spent the afternoon showing him some of my work, getting any advice I could, and talking about photography, music, and Andy Warhol (he'd just bought a print).
I've had contact with Anton a few times since then, and can say he's not only a great photographer, and director, but also a really nice guy.
Secondly I've always loved Joy Division's music, so I was looking forward to Control, and it didn't disappoint. I think maybe the greatest thing you can want from a music biography is the feeling that it brings you somehow closer to those who made the music, and Control manages this. Its a great film, a real achievement. Go see.

Actually as I'm talking film, while I was in the US last week I went to see American Gangster, another great film, really worth seeing.

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