Friday, 16 November 2007

Leave out the parts that people skip.

Where to begin…
While I was away on assignment in the U.S. this week I reminded myself that I really should update the news section on my site when I return to London. I simply delete the old news and put a new recent bit up, but then I thought why don’t I simply start a blog (yet another photographer blog) to put my news on so I don’t keep deleting it etc…. plus I can then write more updates and comments etc….

So the decision was made last week and it starts today…..

I don’t really know yet what form this blog will take, I’m sure there will be a little of what I’m up to sometimes, plus a little of what I’m liking that day / week / moment, and other random stuff.

I’ll see how it evolves, and try to take the advice of Mr Leonard; ‘I try to leave out the parts that people skip.’ - Elmore Leonard

So boring intro over. Hopefully some interesting things to follow….

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